Bijlipay, the Chennai based provider of digital payment solutions in partnership with Wirecard has been leveraging the mPOS solution to empower and facilitate payments in unexpected scenarios at places and to people you least expect.

As the floods in Chennai devastated the city in the month of December ‘15, with no power, mobile networks, inaccessible roads, the situation was nothing short of a disaster. Most stores were unable to accept card payment due to network failure; the ATMs were down due to technical and logistic issues, leaving many people without cash to buy bare necessities.

As an immediate response to the need, Bijlipay in partnership with the Indian Overseas Bank used its mobile POS to implement Cash-at-POS at water logged areas. Cash-at-POS works like a mini ATM where people can swipe their debit card and collect the cash for the amount swiped.

The difference that cash in hand could make at the time like that could only be measured by the grateful faces of the customers who swiped their cards at Bijlipay Mini ATM to draw cash. While people’s trust in technology failed during the disaster, the Bijlipay mobile POS restored hope in the hour of need.

Winning the faithful thanks to flexible mPOS solution

There are good enough reasons for ‘fund raising’ to evoke suspicion, as there have been enough cases of mishandling funds; naturally discouraging donors from contributing significant amounts.

The Church was relieved of many apprehensions with mPOS to their rescue, the task at hand was to endow projects to support the underprivileged. Most importantly for the Church, mPOS eliminated the opportunity of mishandling cash by any individuals. Collecting contributions became a non-issue, with any volunteer who could handle the simple-to –use mPOS device qualifying for the role, more volunteers were roped in to reach out to more Church members.

Each volunteer, armed with a smartphone collected card-based contributions from the gathering and sent them a digital receipt, recording their contribution to the fund instantly. The funds so collected where all deposited electronically into the central collection account. This resulted in Church members opening their pockets wider, using their plastic to contribute in a cashless and transparent manner. With mistrust out of the way, this simple solution resulted in not just making a big difference in the lives of many needy people but for a powerful organisation such as the Church to win the hearts of its Faithful.

Bijlipay lived up to the test and deployed 100 devices for the Jammu & Kashmir flood relief efforts in an incredible 48 hours’ turnaround time. Most often when fellow citizens suffer a disaster people are willing to contribute but instead of passers-by dropping spare cash into the box, volunteers with the device in hand going over to the street and swiping cards was the way it was done with the Bijlipay mPOS. It was the perfect way to ward off any excuse such as “not carrying cash”; a willing heart is all it took to get someone to contribute to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund.

The true success of the initiative lies in the fact that unlike collecting cash, which prolonged the fund flow with printing and sending out receipts, counting, accounting, depositing money or cheques etc. with mPOS, the collected funds went straight to relief accounts instantaneously reaching those in need when they needed it the most.

Innovation does not stop with technology; its success lies in how it extends itself to enrich the lives of ordinary people in extraordinary situations life throws at us. Bijlipay certainly has taken payments a notch ‘deeper’, embracing technological advancements to reach out to people in incredible ways, resorting hope, faith and love.

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