‘Kirana Shops’ – Not too familiar?

The small grocery shop down the road are what we mean by Kirana Shops. In the era of online shopping, these small shops have always remained close to our hearts. The personal touch and the familiarity with the local people’s taste and likes makes the experience way more better than any shopping mall  experience! 

Have you ever wanted to own a small grocery store or a tiny cafe like the ones you often visit? If you have, then now is the time to fulfill this dream and here is why! 

  • Successful Business Model

Living in the online shopping era, where shopping is done through clicks and taps, the Ease of  access and the personalisation that these shops offer make them one of successful forms of business. With the trend of going back to your roots, a small shop that is packed with local flavours is what people look out for and love going to. 

  • Real-estate – Never a problem.

Big departmental stores means Big spaces. These stores incur a huge cost in terms of rent, stock maintenance and staffing costs. Being smaller in size, gives Kirana shops the edge in terms of these additional costs. Knowing what the consumer needs, stocking is purely done basis the need, hence minimal quantity works great.  When it comes to staffing cost, it is mostly self managed or often requires very minimal resources. 

  • The Local Consumer 

Serving the local community also gives a better understanding on their tastes, likes and this makes a big difference when it comes to procurement and stocking the right things. Kirana shops also become the go to information curator when it comes to locally sourced info.

  • Procedures to set up one just became easier

Centre is planning to significantly cut down the number of procedures required in setting up a kirana shop. Currently it requires 28 clearances – ranging from GST registration to a licence under the shop and establishment act. 

Along with this they are also looking at doing away with the license renewal procedure for Kirana Shops.

  • Digitisation of Kirana Shops

With e-commerce becoming stronger, our very kiranas can also get digitised and can use technology  in easing out their business process.No longer the owner has to keep a tab on the payments, digital payments has made this easier. Looking for change can also get replaced with a clean swipe of your card. Using a Digital POS,that is inexpensive and portable, accepting card payments have also become seamless. We at Bijlipay can get them to your door in less than 72 hours. Get the best of both worlds by catering to the digital era as well as sticking to your roots!

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