Waiting at Toll plazas requires a great deal of patience especially while on a long holiday drive. But not any longer.  FASTags have made crossing toll’s plaza easier and less time consuming, allowing drivers to continue driving without having to wait in queue. FASTag uses  the technique of a reloadable tag which uses Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to enable automatic deduction of toll charges. Through this, cash transactions can be reduced and vehicles can cross tolls, easy and quick. This tag is fixed on the windscreen of the vehicle in such a way that the sensors at the toll gate can easily read it and the employees are also able to sight it easily. Currently more than 400 toll plazas have implemented it and numbers are on the rise. 

The Indian Government has made FASTag compulsory for all categories of vehicles using toll plazas. FASTag can be purchased from any of the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) Member Banks. The amount that is charged is nominal. There is refundable security attached with it which depends on the type of vehicle. Multiple vehicle owners will have to acquire multiple tags.FASTag program is handled by Indian Highways Management Company Limited (IHMCL) and National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI).

Here is why getting a FASTag is beneficial

  • Reduced waiting time: Waiting at Tolls has become a thing of the past with the introduction of FASTag. No longer searching for cash, getting the exact change and all the hassle of cash transaction.  Stop at the toll, scan & zip through them – It’s that easy.
  • Save Fuel: Reduced waiting is directly linked to saving fuel consumption. Shortening the queues and waiting time, not only means less fuel consumed and means lesser emission.
  • Payment flexibility: No fear of carrying cash or exact change when you are out on a holiday drive. With FASTag,  all you have to do is recharge your card and you can get going on your road trip, stress-free & worry-free.
  • Enhances data collection: Appropriate information such as the vehicle count of the day is now made easier with FASTag.
  • Easy recharge: You can link your FASTag to your bank account. In this case there is no need to recharge it separately. Only ensure the bank account has sufficient balance to cover your tolls charges. However, if you have linked the FASTag to a prepaid wallet (NHAI prepaid wallet), then it can be recharged through various channels such as payment through cheque or through UPI/debit card/ Debit or credit card /NEFT/ Internet Banking.
  • Validity: FASTag’s are attached with  5 years validity. Get it set and ride through tolls with a worry.
  • Cash back Incentives: These incentives make it attractive for uses to obtain FASTag’s

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