What more can make a retailer ask for, when he/she can make an additional income without having to make any major investment! We have curated a few ways through which you can get some extra income.
Mini ATM & Domestic money transfer
Convert your store into a mini ATM and open new business avenues for your store. Swipe the card or key in customers Aadhar number on Bijlipay payment services portal, and enable cash withdrawal against an incentive. Using Bijlipay payment service portal one can also help their customers who are unbanked, offer domestic money transfer against an incentive.

Ticketing & Mobile recharge services
Nothing like bringing multiple services into one single roof! Make the best if your store space but taking up business services that you can offer. Some of them can be mobile recharges, ticket booking services, bill payment services and more. With our PoS systems, receiving payment for all these also gets eased out.

Rent out extra space
If you have been wondering what to do with the extra space at your store space,you can rent them out to individuals who run small businesses.For instance, tying up with the Pani Puri wala and renting out space to him will serve not just as extra income but also increase footfall to your store.

Little extra effort will give you those extra little income that you can make sitting from the comfort of your retail outlet.

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